Create a Custom Lesson from Scratch

Quaver teachers can create a custom lesson in Resource Manager using ANY Quaver resource.

Note: The examples used below are from QuaverMusic, but the same functionality is available in QuaverSEL curriculum resources as well.

To create a custom lesson from scratch:

Custom lesson creation begins in Resource Manager and happens in the Folder system on the right-hand side of your screen.

To begin, create a folder where your lesson will live.

  • With no folder selected, click MENU, NEW FOLDER, and give it a title.
  • Name your folder something like “Beat Lesson” or whatever you’d like the assignment to be called and click OK.

Your folder will now appear on the right side of your Resource Manager.

  • Search for a resource you want to include in your lesson in Resource Manager. You can search for a particular episode, ClassPlay song, SELMusic song, Student Interactive, and more!
  • Drag the resource into your folder on the right side of the screen.
  • Continue adding resources.
  • Select the folder and hit MENU and NEW LESSON.
  • Name your lesson.
  • Drag all the resources you added to your folder into the lesson.
  • Your custom lesson is complete!