Create a Custom Curriculum Menu

QuaverEd teachers can sequence their lessons in a custom view and share it across a district using the Custom Curriculum or Custom Lessons functionality.

Note: The examples used below are from QuaverMusic, but the same functionality is available in QuaverSEL curriculum resources as well.

How to Create a Custom Curriculum Menu:

From the Teacher Dashboard, select the Custom Curriculum icon (or Custom Lessons in QuaverSEL). Here you can customize units and lesson scope and sequence to fit your specific needs using both Custom and Quaver lessons. 

At the top of the Custom Menu, toggle between district and teacher views to select which menu you’d like to edit. The bright, highlighted button is the selected choice.

  • District: In this view, you are editing a shared menu for all users connected to the same district. This view can only be administered by an appointed account in the district. Please contact your district administrator or the Quaver team to arrange this.
  • Teacher: In this view, you are editing a menu for only your individual teacher account.

To Edit the Custom Menu click the Edit button at the top of your screen.

Custom Curriculum builder

This will open your Custom Menu Editor. Here you can arrange grades, modules, and lesson sequences.

How to add Grades and Modules:

First, add at least one Custom Grade by selecting + Add Custom Grade and entering text or numbers. Then click enter.

Next, add at least one Module by selecting +Add Module and entering text or numbers. Then click enter.


With a Grade and Module open, you’ll next drag lessons from your Lesson List into your desired order.

How to Add Lessons to a Module:

On the right-hand side you will find the Lesson List broken into three tabs: 

  • Custom – Lessons created by you or shared by your district colleagues
  • Quaver – Lessons found in the primary Quaver Curriculum
  • Song-Based – Lessons found in our Song-Based Lessons

The lesson icons to the left of each lesson title indicate what type of lesson it is. Use the key to determine if it is one of your lessons, a lesson shared by a colleague or supervisor, or a lesson that has been marked as part of your district’s specific scope and sequence.

To add a lesson from this list into a module, simply click and drag the lesson into place. You can reorder the Lessons within your module or click and drag it to the trash can if you no longer want the lesson to appear in the module.

How to View Your Custom Menu:

Click “Go to Custom Menu” to return to the Custom Curriculum or Exit to return to your Teacher Dashboard.