Browse and Search Resource Manager

Quaver curriculum resources are powered by a searchable library and customization platform. This documentation will give you an overview of the entire library of resources and tools available in Resource Manager.

Note: The examples used below are from QuaverMusic, but the same functionality is available in QuaverSEL curriculum resources as well.

To browse and search Resource Manager:

Resource Manager is divided into three main sections, with a navigation bar at the top. 

  • The navigation bar includes a Home button, Grade filter, your search field, and Menu and Help options. 
  • At the very top, you will find an EXIT button, this will return you to your Teacher Dashboard.
  • The left section displays a Topic Index and Resource Sets.
  • The middle section organizes the results of your search into seven categories of Quaver resources
  • And the right section holds your personal folder system of resources.

Topic Index and Resource Sets

Use the Topic Index and Resource Sets options on the left-hand side of the screen to browse the Quaver library of resources.

Using the Topic Index:

  • Select a top-level topic, like Musical Elements (QuaverMusic) or Interventions (QuaverSEL)
  •  This will open a number of sub-topics below it and return all the resources related to that topic in the middle section of your screen. 
  • Results will be organized by colored tabs that categorize the type of resource.

Using Resource Sets:

  • Select a top-level Quaver Resource, like Curriculum or SELMusic
  •  This will open a number of resource-specific subcategories, such as grade-levels or song categories, and return all the resources related to that topic in the middle section of your screen. 
  • Results will be organized by colored tabs that categorize the type of resource.
  • Select SORT: (REL) to re-sort the topics in A-Z or Z-A order, or to return to the default list order, organized by relevance.

Search Results

Use the center section of Resource Manager to search for specific resources by title or keyword.

To search:

  • Start typing a term in the search bar and you’ll see suggested results that include that word or a related concepts or keywords.
  • Click any suggested result to complete the search with that term.
  • Or click enter to complete the search with your original term.
  • This pulls up all the resources that related to that search term, organized by resource type on the colored tabs across the screen.
  • Select a tab to view only results of that resource type, or select ALL to return to all results.
  • Results in each tab are organized in alphabetical order and by default show only 22 results to a page. To view all results – simply click the yellow arrow to show additional resources.
  • You can also choose to organize your results in descending alphabetical order by clicking the blue SORT BY button to the right of the search bar and selecting TITLE (Z-A)

Preview Search Results

Throughout Resource Manager, you have a number of options to easily preview a resource.

  • Select any resource from the search results to open a preview window at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click and drag the blue bar at the top of the preview window to move it around the page as needed.
  • Click the thumbnail of the image to view it in a larger form. Click again to close.
  • Select Launch to open the resource in a new window. If a small white arrow appears next to launch, that indicates the resource can be launched in the context of a Quaver lesson where it is used, or independently. Select a lesson from the list or click Launch Alone.
  • You also will see the Get Link option. Here, you can generate a link to share with students. They’ll be able to access the activity – no sign in needed!
  • When selecting a resource from a Folder, you will also see options to Edit or Delete the resource within your folder structure.

Filter Results by Grade

Resource Manager includes a Grade Filter to further focus your results.

  • Click on Grade to the left of the Search Bar and select as many grades as you like.
  • Your search will display results intended for us in the selected grade level(s) in the center of the screen.
  • If you want to add more grade levels you could go back to the drop down and select more.

Review and Reset Results

Use the options above the Topic Index to review and reset your search at any time.

  • Use the white arrows to the left and right of the home icon to move backwards and forewords in your search history.
  • Click the Home icon to reset your search.

Ready to learn more? Check out our Training Videos to Search and Navigate Resource Manager and Organize Resources in Resource Manager here!