Resource Sharing by Link and QR Code

It’s easy to deliver content to students learning remotely, even without a Quaver Student Account. Follow these instructions to generate a unique link or QR code to any individual resource*.

These links can can be added to any platform for easy at-home access!

*Resource sharing by link/QR code is currently available for individual resources (not lessons or assignments).

Resource Sharing Tip: To be sure that the links you pull from custom lessons remain active and do not give an error message, make sure to not delete any custom lessons that you have generated links from until you are done with the link. It may be a good idea to keep screens used to create a QR code or link in a separate folder in Resource Manager so you don’t accidentally delete them!

If you will be posting these links to SeeSaw, click here!

Note: The examples used below are from QuaverMusic, but the same functionality is available in QuaverSEL curriculum resources as well.

To generate a link to an individual Quaver resource from Resource Manager

1. Visit Resource Manager and select a resource from the search results or your personal folder system.

Note: If you are choosing to link a Creative, this will NOT pull up the Menu option that allows students to open, save, or download a song. This is because students are not in their accounts when using these generated links. If you wish to have the Menu option, assign the Creative to student accounts. Learn how here!

2. In the preview window that appears, select MENU and click GET LINK.

3. From here, you’ll see a SHARE WITH STUDENTS screen.

4. Click the purple COPY RESOURCE LINK button to copy the link to your clipboard. When you’re ready, simply paste the link on any platform for students to access.

To generate a QR code to an individual Quaver resource from a Quaver Lesson:

1. Launch a Quaver Lesson from the Curriculum Menu or your Custom Lessons

2. Navigate to the resource you would like to share, and click MENU, then LINK.

3. This will pull up a Share with Students screen. Here, you can either broadcast this screen for students to scan with a device or take a screenshot and post to any platform for them to scan.

4. You can also click COPY RESOURCE LINK to copy the link to your clipboard. When you’re ready, simply paste the link on any platform for students to access.