Track Student Attendance in Quaver

Quaver teachers can choose to track student attendance in Teacher Admin in two different ways.

Note: The examples used below are from QuaverMusic, but the same functionality is available in QuaverSEL and QuaverMIC curriculum resources as well.

Manual Attendance Tracking

To manually track attendance using the Attendance app in Teacher Admin:

  • Select Attendance from your Teacher Admin dashboard.
  • Before you can take attendance, you’ll need to have your students enrolled in Classes in your Quaver GradeBook. Check out this help article for more on how to do that!
  • Once they’re enrolled, use the white Class Selector box in the middle of the navigation bar that tells you which class you are currently viewing. You can view additional classes and change your selection using the purple arrow.
  • Across the top of the screen, you’ll see the dates of the current week. These dates are color-coded to help you find the date you need. Days in the past have a grey background. Today’s date is purple. Future dates are dark blue.
  • Use the yellow arrows in the top left corner to move forwards or backwards a full week. You can also click the CALENDAR icon to select any date. This list will always show you a full week view from Sunday to Saturday. The date you select will appear in that context.
  • With the proper class now displayed in the left hand column, you can mark attendance for a single student or the whole class with a simple click.
  • Click in any cell to mark the individual student as PRESENT with a green “P.”
  • Click again to see that status change to a red A to indicate Click again to see that status change to a red A to indicate ABSENT.
  • An icon legend is provided to show you the different ways you can record student attendance and absences. You can view this legend by clicking HELP and ICON LEGEND.
  • You can also mark the default attendance for the whole class to “Present” by clicking once on the day of the week or date at the top of the column. This allows you to then change just the attendance status for students who were not present on this date. Click again to remove the default status.

Leave Attendance and Behavior Notes

If you’d like to leave notes for yourself about a student’s behavior or attendance, use your browser controls to right-click any cell. This will pull up a NOTES window. Enter your notes and click the green OK button to save.

The corner of that cell will now show a blue triangle. Hover over the blue triangle to see the notes you’ve entered. To remove the note, simply right click to edit, and remove all text from the text box before selecting OK.

Using this system, you can continue recording attendance for an entire class, or just one student. You can even mark attendance or make changes for dates in the past if needed. Use the purple drop down arrow in your Class Selector at the top of the page to navigate to another class and repeat! Any changes you’ve made will be saved automatically.

At any time, you can use the MENU icon to select “SHOW ARCHIVED STUDENTS” and any students you’ve archived will appear again. Click again to hide those students.

Record Student Attendance Automatically at Login

Quaver teachers also have the option to record student login as attendance automatically. This means that when a student logs in to Quaver, it will automatically mark them as present.

To automatically record student login as attendance:

  • Select CLASSES from the Teacher Admin menu
  • Here, you can choose to edit an existing class or create a new class. Check out this help article for more on how to create a class.
  • On the Class window, check the box that says Record Student Login as Attendance.