Identify Gradable Content

Quaver teachers have the ability to put graded content in any custom assignment. There are several types of screens that can be marked as graded. These include assessments, custom quizzes, Student Recording Screens, and much more.

To identify gradable content in an assignment:

In order for an assignment to show up as completed in your GradeBook, the assignment needs to include a graded screen.

When building an assignment in Resource Manager, these screens have a dot next to them. Click inside the dot to turn it purple—your assignment now has a graded screen!

Once students have launched the assignment, these screens will include an option to submit their work.

Once students have submitted their work, it will appear in your GradeBook as submitted where you can go in and grade their work on this screen.

If your assignment is not for a grade, but you still want to see if students have completed it, we recommend you create a Custom Quiz and add it to the end of your assignment. You can make it simple, with one question such as, “Did you complete this assignment?” When students click yes (or no), it will show up in your GradeBook as graded and you will be able to see that the students accessed and completed the assignment.