Adjust Grading Scale for Assignments

Quaver teachers can adjust the grading scale for each assignment on the Assignment Details window before distributing the assignment to students.

To adjust the grading scale for assignments:

  • Click GIVE ASSIGNMENT to open the Assignment Details window.
  • In the bottom right corner, click ADJUSTED GRADING SCALE.
  • Here, you can choose a previously created grading scale template or click +ADD NEW to create a new one.
  • Adjust the grading scale for this assignment by enteringĀ each grade letter and the minimum scoreĀ that should earn that grade. For example, an activity with a possible 16 points might have a minimum score of 13 earn an A, 10 earn a B, 7 earn a C, and so on.
  • Enter each rule one by one and click SAVE.
  • Back on the menu, select the grading scale you wish to use and click SAVE.