Adjust Assignments after Distributing

Quaver teachers can edit an assignment after distributing it to students and reassign the assignments to individual students or whole classes.

To adjust assignments after distributing to students:

When you created the initial assignment in Resource Manager, you actually created an Assignment Template.

This template can be adjusted at any point and the assignment can be redistributed to students.

Editing Assignment Content

  • In Resource Manager, double click on the assignment you wish to adjust.
  • Here, you can add any additional content to the assignment template or delete a screen that you don’t wish to use.

Editing Assignment Details

You can also adjust the details of the assignment in the Assignments section of Teacher Admin.

  • Select Assignments from your Teacher Admin menu.
  • Under the Class Assignments Given tab, select the assignment you wish to edit and click EDIT ASSIGNMENT.
  • Adjust the details you wish to change on the Assignment Details window.
  • Click SAVE.

It is important to note that simply making changes to an assignment does not update the assignment in a student’s account. You will need to reassign the assignment in order for students to see your edits.

Reassigning an Edited Assignment

If you have edited the content of an assignment:

  • Your updated assignment will now appear under Custom Assignments.
  • Click GIVE ASSIGNMENT and adjust all details to give the assignment to students with the edited version.

If you have edited the details of an assignment:

  • Under the Class Assignments Given tab, select the assignment you wish to reassign and click EDIT ASSIGNMENT.
  • This will reassign the assignment with updated details and to whoever is selected next to Assigned To.