Roster Import via Spreadsheet


Roster Import via Spreadsheet allows you to upload a spreadsheet with all your student and class information to the Quaver system, and we create the accounts for you!

Use the instructions below to follow this Account Creation Method.

For Teachers

How to Create a Student Account

  • Go to Teacher Admin and select Student Accounts
  • Select Add Students button
  • On the pop-up that appears, select Student Importer
  • This will bring you to the interactive Student Roster Importer
  • Notice there are links here to help you with this process, including a Template to fill in, an example file, and a full guide
  • Use the template to fill in information such as the first name, last name, student ID (this is not required), etc
  • Upload your file and proceed to submit!

Here is a helpful FAQ guide for understanding this process. It can also be accessed by clicking HELP

How to View your Class Rosters

  • Go to Teacher Admin and select Student Accounts
  • Select the class you’d like to view
  • Now we will see all imported info that you included in your spreadsheet (first name, last name, student ID).

For Students

How to Log In After Sign Up

  • Visit and click the Log In button
  • Enter the username and password created by your teacher through the Student Import process
  • Boom-Chicka-Boom! You should now be on the Quaver Student Dashboard, enrolled in the correct class.