Auto-Generated Accounts


Auto-Generated Accounts allow teachers to create a number of student accounts in bulk in their Quaver account and then distribute them to students.

Use the instructions below to follow this Account Creation Method.

For Teachers

How to Create a Student Account

  • Go to Teacher Admin and select Student Accounts
  • Select Add Students button
  • On the pop-up that appears, select Auto-Generate Student Accounts
  • Enter how many accounts you’d like to create as a number
  • Click SAVE
  • This will autogenerate Usernames for students and set the Class Code as the password for all new accounts

How to View your Class Rosters

  • Go to Teacher Admin and select Student Accounts
  • Select the class you’d like to view
  • Here you will see QuaverNames, but you won’t see any names or student IDs by default, unless you chose to require students to enter name at login when setting up the Class. You can add that information by editing the student. Select a student name from your roster and click the green Edit Student button to make adjustments.

For Students

How to Log In After Sign Up

  • Visit and click the Log In button
  • Enter the Username provided by your teacher
  • Enter the Password provided by your teacher (this will be the Class Code)
  • You will then be prompted to change your password to something permanent – be sure to write this down!