Curriculum Codes

What are Curriculum Codes?

Curriculum Codes are used to connect a teacher with resources purchased by a school or district.

Where Do You Find a Curriculum Code?

The Curriculum Code is usually delivered via email to the teacher account, or distributed by a license administrator.

If you believe your access to Quaver has been processed by a paid order, but you do not have a Curriculum Code, please contact us.

How are Curriculum Codes Used?

Teachers can enter the Curriculum Code when they create an account for the first time or by logging in to an active QuaverEd account and accessing the Preferences area of their Dashboard.

How to Enter a Code at Sign Up

  • Visit and click the Sign Up button
  • Select Teacher
  • Enter your Curriculum Code and click Continue
  • Complete the form to Register your Account to your QuaverEd License
  • Click Continue
Register Your License
  • Complete the form to Create Your Account, choosing a Username and Password you can remember
  • Click SUBMIT

The Curriculum Code is only used once and can then be discarded.

How to Enter a Code from your Teacher Dashboard

  • Visit and Log In
  • Select Help and then Preferences in the top right corner of your Teacher Dashboard
  • Click Register QuaverCode and enter your code