Class Codes (For Teachers)

What are Class Codes?

Class Codes are an important tool in your QuaverEd teacher toolbox. They are used to tie your students to the correct class in your GradeBook, and to give them access to a QuaverEd student account.

Where Do You Find/Create a Class Code?

Class Codes are created in the Teacher Admin application on your QuaverEd Teacher Dashboard. If you’ve previously created classes, the code will appear at the top of Teacher Admin when the Class is selected.

To create a new Class Code, follow these instructions to Create a Class.

How are Class Codes Used?

By Teachers

The Class Code is used in the creation of student accounts, and can be distributed in a number of ways depending on the Account Creation Method

  • If using Student Self-Enrollment, the teacher will need to share the appropriate Class Code with each student
  • If using Roster Import via Spreadsheet, the teacher will not share the Class Code with students but will enter it on their Roster Import Spreadsheet
  • If using Auto-Generated Accounts, the teacher will share the Class Code with students to use as the temporary password to their new account
  • If using Single Sign On, the teacher may need to share the Class Code with students for first-time provisioning

By Students

  • Students may enter a Class Code when they create an account for the first time or from the Enter a Code field on their Student Dashboard.
  • Each Class Code is only needed once, but students can be enrolled in multiple classes.

Ready to learn more? Check out this Training Video on Creating Class Codes here!