Class Codes (For Students)

Class Codes are an easy way to set up your Quaver account, so you can your assignments and all the fun activities waiting for you.

Your teacher may give you a Class Code and ask you to enter it at Here’s how it works!

If you do not have a Quaver Account:

  • Visit and click the Sign Up button
  • Select Student
  • Enter the Class Code your teacher gave you, and click Continue
  • Complete the form to Create Your Account, choosing a Username and Password you can remember
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Boom-Chicka-Boom! You should now be on the Quaver Student Dashboard, enrolled in the correct class

If you already have a Quaver account:

  • Visit and click the Log In button
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • On your Student Dashboard, click Enter a Code and enter the Class Code your teacher gave you
  • Click Enter and Boom-Chicka-Boom, that’s it!
  • You will now see your new Class in the options when you select Assignments or to Take a Quiz