How to Lock a Mobile Device for Child Use

For the effective use of mobile devices with your youngest students we recommend locking any device once the Quaver resource is on the screen. This will prevent children from accidentally navigating away from the resource to other applications on the device. The steps to lock your device will vary based on the type of device.

Apple Devices

For Apple devices, follow the steps below to set-up “Guided Access:”

  1. Select: Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access > On
  2. Set a passcode (tip: avoid choosing a combination like 1-2-3-4-5-6). A six-digit code that will be memorable, but not easily guessed works best.
  3. Next, press the home button to return to the home screen. Open up your chosen app and once loaded, triple-click the home button so that the Guided Access screen appears. Press Start.
  4. Guided Access mode will begin, and your device will be locked down into one app.
  5. If you need to disable touch on certain areas of the screen (e.g. on a webpage to prevent users from typing a new URL into the address bar), access your Guided Access screen again by triple-clicking the home button and entering your passcode.
  6. Ensure that: Touch Option > On. You will now be able to draw a shape around any part of the screen and adjust the position and size by pulling the corner circles. Press Resume (top right corner). This part of the screen will no longer react to touch.
  7. To end Guided Access and regain full use of the iPad, triple-click the home button again, enter your chosen passcode and select End (top left corner).

Windows Devices

For Windows devices, follow the steps below to set-up “Assigned Access:”

  1. To use Assigned Access, you will need to be logged in as an administrator, which may require a new Windows account.
  2. From an administrator account, from the Windows menu, search for “Settings.” 
  1. From this menu, select Accounts > Family & other users > Add someone else to this PC.  This will bring up a Microsoft login pop-up. From here, select “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” > Add a user without a Microsoft account.
  2. This will bring up a new pop-up to Create an account for this PC.  Under ‘Who’s going to use this PC’, fill in the details (name could be ‘Child’) and then enter a password. Next, log out of your current account, and log in to your new ‘Child’ account. Install the app you would like to use for Assigned Access and log out again.
  3. Finally, log back into your Administrator account, open All Settings, and select: Accounts > Set up assigned access > Choose the Child account (which account will have assigned access) > Choose the app (which app this account can access).
  4. Once these steps have been followed through, the device will be locked down into the one app you chose. To end Assigned Access, simply log out of the ‘Child’ account and back into your own account by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Del.